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Are you struggling with a lack of confidence around riding?


Do nerves, anxiety, or fear cloud your enjoyment when hacking out, cantering, jumping, competing or simply riding in the arena?


Perhaps a fall or a rough patch has knocked your confidence, and despite your love for riding and your horse, it feels like a mountain to climb. The mere thought of riding your horse fills you with anxiety and ‘what ifs’, leaving you reluctant to even get on.


You’re your own harshest critic, trapped in a cycle of negative thoughts, frustrated with yourself for not ‘feeling good enough’ or like you’re letting your horse down in some way…


Finding excuses becomes second nature, and suddenly, the idea of getting starting again seems overwhelming and you keep putting it off.


Watching others ride effortlessly, you think, “I wish I could do that. They make it look so simple… but I just can’t.”


The idea of riding in front of others fills you with stress, convinced they’re judging every your every move.

These feelings of frustration, anxiety and ‘stuckness’ have somehow become an established way of thinking and feeling, and you have no idea how to overcome your fears and reclaim your confidence.

But there’s always a way forward; you're not alone!

I’ve worked with countless riders feeling just as you do, searching for something, anything, to help them regain their confidence. From Rescue Remedy to rhythm beads, you’ve tried it all, yet nothing sticks. These solutions are just temporary fixes.

Imagine, though, riding without fear looming over you, where each step with your horse builds your confidence. What if I told you there’s a way forward, a path that has helped many riders rediscover joy and confidence in riding? A method that addresses the root causes of your fears, rather than just the symptoms.

Stay with me, and I’ll show you how you can discover a future where you ride more confidently, leaving ‘what-ifs’ and fears behind you.

Just imagine for a moment…

That you feel a sense of anticipation and excitement about riding your horse, and cannot wait to get going. 

Somehow when you’re riding everything feels slower, more relaxed and waay more enjoyable.

You’re in control of what you think, feel and do. You’re in flow, focusing completely on your riding and your horse. 

You’re working as a partnership; communication between you and your horse is effortless and easy.

You know that you have everything you need, to manage whatever situation occurs right now. You know that you always have a choice about what happens next.

Whether you’re feeling exhilarated about cantering across a field, moving up a level show jumping or simply achieving some amazing work with your horse in the arena, this is everything you ever dreamed of when riding. 

I get it… I’m a rider and I’ve been fortunate to have some of the most amazing experiences with horses over the years, along with some of the toughest times. I’ve been that rider that rider who would ride any horse without question (and laugh about it). And I’ve also been so scared that I simply couldn’t even get on the horse. 

I know how it feels to completely lose your confidence, and I also know how to come back from the falls, the injuries and the ‘incidents’ to rediscover the sheer joy in riding again. 

As a British Horse Society Accredited Professional Coach (Level 4) and a multi-certified Equestrian Mindset, Confidence & Performance Coach, I specialise in helping riders like you move from fear and anxiety to confidence, self-belief, and growth.


But it’s not just about the qualifications; I blend the most effective psychological tools, techniques and strategies with a practical, real-life approach to help you find confidence and joy in every ride. It’s about starting from where you are right now, prioritising your mindset and confidence, and embracing the inevitable challenges with a curious, balanced, and resilient mindset.

The best bit? Seeing riders, just like you, go from saying “I can’t” to “OMG, I actually did it and it was amazing!!”. That’s because I believe riding should feel like the best kind of adventure. I want you to experience that ‘buzz’ on your own terms, doing whatever means the most to, and becoming the best version of yourself… for you AND your horse. Let’s get started.

Introducing the Crack the Confidence Code Membership

The Crack the Confidence Code Membership is the leading rider mindset and confidence training community for riders who want to overcome nerves, anxiety, ‘what ifs’ and fear around riding, so they can experience real, long-lasting self-belief, confidence and resilience.

It’s packed with in-depth training and resources on all aspects of creating and growing your confidence around riding so that you can achieve and experience everything you ever dreamed of with your horse. 

PLUS direct access to our expertise and all the community support you ever need to ensure you become a confident rider, on your own terms.


rider confidence course

The Crack the Confidence Code Membership will help you to:

Manage fear, nerves and anxiety so that you can take back control of your mind and body.

Develop a growth mindset where you can make better quality decisions, find learning opportunities and reflect on your progress.

Focus on what you can do, taking positive action and making improvements in how you think, feel and behave every day.

Know exactly what you want and work your way to achieving it, while also effectively navigating the inevitable ups and downs of owning and riding horses in the most balanced way possible.

Create new, more helpful and constructive beliefs about yourself and your horse, so that you can finally get excited about riding again!

Build trust in yourself and in your horse, creating the best partnership, and having the most fun and adventures together.

All Members get access to:

The Ultimate Rider Confidence Course

My signature Crack the Confidence Code Programme is THE most practical and comprehensive course to help you understand how your mind works, how to overcome nerves, anxiety and fear, and to create your riding confidence on your own terms. 

With 12 modules, 38 lessons, video training and downloadable workbooks, this rider confidence course forms the foundations of your riding confidence. It’s been tried, tested and proven to make a clear, tangible improvement to riders just like you! This isn’t about learning a bunch of fluffy, vague nonsense! When you’ve completed the Crack the Confidence Code programme you WILL have made real, lasting changes in your mindset and confidence for the long term. 

Rider Confidence Roadmap

When you join, I’ll guide you through the exact steps you need to take to make the changes you want. Beginning with the core Crack the Confidence Code Programme, you’ll progress through each of the core training resources, to help you manage fear, reprogramme your mind and readjust how you think, feel and believe about riding your horse. 

Immediate Access to the Confidence Library

The membership has been running for nearly 4 years! We have a huge library of video series, masterclasses, hypnotherapy audio tracks, challenges and ebooks for you to dive straight into as soon as you join. Each resource is specifically designed to help you resolve specific mindset blocks and practical, real-life challenges, from hacking out and jumping to managing panic and reprogramming limiting beliefs.

Learn what you need, when you need to, from wherever you want.

Weekly Live Training

Each week, I go live in the member’s Facebook community to share tools, techniques and strategies that you can apply to your situation. You’ll stay up-to-date with cutting-edge developments in mindset, and confidence sports psychology so that you can continue to grow your riding confidence, resilience and mindset. 

You can join live or catch up later, as each session is recorded and uploaded to the member’s portal.

New Resources

Not only do you have access to an extensive library of tools and resources to help you grow your riding confidence, but you’ll also get an exclusive, brand-new, member-only training or resource each and every month. Everything is designed to help you understand what’s happening in your mind and body, and more importantly to give you clear, actionable, practical ways to overcome the challenges you might be facing. Maximum impact in the shortest time! And of course, you can keep coming back to the resources (and exploring new ones) whenever you want!

A Thriving, Supportive Community of Riders

Our community is the heart of the Crack the Confidence Code Membership, and the place to go for answers to your questions, to get feedback, to gain support or inspiration, or simply to get to know other like-minded riders.

I might be biased, but I happen to think our members are amazing with a wide range of skills and expertise. They make the Crack the Confidence Code Community an incredible resource to turn to 24/7.

What Riders Are Saying

I know it can feel like a big step to take, trying to find your confidence in the saddle again. Sometimes, hearing from people just like you can make all the difference. They’ve been where you are now, feeling all the nerves and worries you’re feeling. But look at them now! Read their stories to see how they’ve found their confidence and joy in riding again, with a bit of help from us. It’s your turn to make a change, and these real riders are here to show you it’s possible.

Since joining the membership has had a huge impact on my outlook and not just riding. I have changed how I talk and describe things and I’m more mindful of how I see a situation. I’m enjoying my rides so much more and I’m smiling so much now The other day my instructor said how me and my boy were looking amazing and that made me smile so much and we’ve bonded so much more. We are still a work in progress but so far I’m loving it!

Joanne M

Since becoming a member and starting this course (and I am still very near the beginning of the work) I have noticed a definite increase in confidence and positivity – which is helping with life in general as well as with riding. I am far calmer and less inclined to catastrophise, enjoying my riding; learning to focus on the many things that go well rather than the few that don’t. I look forward to making even more progress as I work through. I also love reading about other people’s experiences and seeing how supportive everyone is of everyone else. I am so glad I joined.

Debbie W

The course and members are all very supportive, providing a safe community that provides a realistic vision of where poor confidence sits in relation to riding and how you can work towards controlling those inner demons that prevent you from having fun with your horse.

Julie R

It’s helped, simple as that. I’ve learned new ways of thinking which are improving my confidence in my riding. Yep, this training is well worth spending time on. Gets you thinking differently, while being kind to yourself and also very pragmatic about riding and horses in general. Would absolutely recommend.

Mairi G

I have really started to focus on how I feel before I get on. I never gave it much thought before, but I need to now. I’m accepting that this has affected me more than I thought it would and am letting myself work back to where I was slowly, so I stay confident & he feels that, too! Thank you for all the resources.

Dana A

I was stuck and having anxiety around cantering before I found Alison and the Everyday Equestrian. She knows her stuff! And helped me pinpoint the causes and the solutions. I have progressed well because of her guidance.

Andrea L

I have only had one month so far but I feel that Alison’s approach is helping already. I enjoy what I’ve been working with and feel I’m definitely on the right path. My confidence is beginning to sneak back!

Jennifer B

Without this membership I think I’d be stuck in my negative thought process and would feel like a hampster on a wheel with no way off. I read about Alison Buttery in one of the Horse Magazines, and I am so pleased that I plucked up the courage to join the group. From the first moment I opened the Every Day Equestrian I felt there was help at hand from the start, I am feeling so much more confident and happy with myself and I love my pony even more now. I wish I’d found the Everyday Equestrian sooner.

Pat M

Since joining this course, I have learnt so much about mindset and have found it fascinating. Alison is so clear in explaining things and I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone.

Hayley E

My confidence has improved ( I have had a couple of horrible falls) I am learning not to dwell on them and not to expect to fall off every time I ride. I now go through a little, I am able, confident and good enough to achieve what I want with my horse routine. Seems to be helping.

Sally A

The impact on my membership on your mindset and confidence around riding, has been huge up to now. From going to give up completely, not even wanting to handle my horse, to leading her around the yard, with confidence, looking forward to riding her, even at walk, due to rehab. It has changed my mindset, I feel supported by yourself, and the community, Loads of information on various topics on the website. I feel generally more confident, forward thinking and definitely more positive, to how I was.

Ginny L

The membership has kept my motivation to keep learning how to move to a positive mindset. Working through the modules is helping me so much with understanding how my mind is working and how to challenge negative thoughts.

Sally W

It took me a while to get organised to sign up, but I’m so glad I did. It’s like you are inside my head and know exactly what’s holding me back. I don’t feel alone or silly any more I just need to prioritise my learning and make time for myself so that I can get to where I want to be. Thank you again so very much.

Judith C

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When you join the Crack the Confidence Code Membership you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t feel like you’ve received value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the next 7 days, just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund. No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through.

I’m confident that you’ll find the Crack the Confidence Code Membership useful, and I won’t make you beg or invoke any silly rules or conditions – if you’re not satisfied within your first 7 days then we’ll refund you without any fuss.

Who the membership is for...

The Crack the Confidence Code Membership is not always for everyone, and truth be told I’d prefer to help you figure out if it’s not right for you BEFORE you join rather than waste your time. So, let’s cut to the chase…

Who is the Crack the Confidence Code Membership for?

Riders who want to overcome their nerves, anxiety, fears and ‘what ifs’, so they can rediscover their passion for riding and do more of what they love with their horse.

Riders who are returning to horse ownership or riding after a break, and want to rebuild their confidence so they can experience that buzz all over again.

Riders who have found their passion for horses a little later in life, who want to find real, lasting confidence in themselves and their horses.

Riders who have been struggling with perfectionism, set extremely high standards for themselves, are really hard on themselves, and who’d like to find lighter, more enjoyable and fulfilling experiences of riding.

Riders ready to make a decision that enough is enough; they’re fed up with the nerves, the ‘what ifs’ and the stress! Riders who are ready to start making changes today, to choose a new, more confident future for themselves and their horses.

Riders who adore their horses and want to be the best they can be together, whatever it takes.

Who is the Crack the Confidence Code Membership NOT for?

Riders who want someone to ‘fix them’; no one can do this for you! I will help, guide, train, support, and advise you, but ultimately it’s up to you to take action and commit to making the changes you want (and need!).

Riders who want to learn but not do. Remember, knowing something is very different to being able to actually doing it and making it part of your world.

Riders who do not want to make time to work on themselves and their mindset and confidence. Nothing changes if nothing changes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

"Why should I become a member today instead of waiting?"

It’s time for you to take action. Simple as that. If you really want to have a real, long-lasting self-belief and self-confidence around riding (and let’s face it, in the rest of your life too…?), then you need somewhere to get answers to all of your questions – especially the ones you don’t know you have yet. You need support, community, and most of all… accountability!

The Crack the Confidence Code Membership is that place. If you really want to make a difference, the time is now.

“What if I’m not very tech-savvy?”

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be. Our members’ area is user-friendly and we have a guide to help you navigate it. Plus, our supportive community is always here to help if you get stuck. Don’t let technology get in the way of building your confidence!

“Is it really right for me?"

If overcoming nerves, anxiety and fear around riding, and developing self-belief and resilience feels worth it, then yes! This isn’t some mythical, magical, woolly, woo-woo-style training; instead, you’ll get access to tried, tested, and most importantly confidence-building tools and techniques that you can tailor to your needs and your situation.

You get to take back control of your mindset and confidence so that you can have the best adventures and make the very best memories with your horse.

“Can I really change my mindset and confidence?”

Truthfully: Yes, you can. But you have to actually want to change.

It sounds obvious, right? But sometimes, our mind can trick us into thinking that “it’s just not going to work for me, because… XYZ”. So, you can carry on believing that, which is totally fine, or you can make a decision to challenge those old beliefs and create new ones which actually do more of what you love with your horse.

It’s your choice; you get to take back control of your mindset and confidence so that you can have the best adventures and make the very best memories with your horse.

“I’m not sure I want or need to be part of a community!”

Honestly: We’re all riders here, sharing, learning, and lifting each other up. The goal is progress, not perfection. However, if you prefer to do things on your own, then that’s totally cool too! There are no rules, rights or wrongs about how you interact with our community; everybody’s experience and perspectives are different. It’s totally up to you how much you engage with everyone… or otherwise!

“I don’t have much time, how can I make the most of the membership?”

The good news is that you can access the resources and community as little or as much as you like! You can choose what you do and when; it’s completely up to you. Whether you find 20 minutes or just 5 minutes, you can find benefit from all kinds of different resources. Your time, your rules!

And of course, weekly activities and monthly workshops are recorded, so you can catch up when you have a cuppa in one hand, and a biscuit (chocolate HobNob, obviously) in the other!

“I’ve tried other programmes before and they didn’t work. How is this different?”

In a nutshell, our approach focuses on mindset, confidence and psychological strategies directly related to riders and their unique challenges. Unlike generic programmes, the Crack the Confidence Code Membership can be tailored to your specific needs as a rider, offering tools and strategies that you can apply to your particular situation.

“What if it doesn’t work for me?”

Here’s the deal – give it a solid go for 7 days. Dive into the resources and activities, ask your questions, and share your thoughts. If it’s not quite ‘clicking’ for you, then I offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. A full refund, no strings attached. Plus, you can cancel at anytime, directly from your member’s dashboard.

“Is the content accessible at all times?"

Absolutely: Once you’re in, you can access the online materials whenever you like, from wherever you are. Plus, all new content added while you’re a member is yours to use, too – ensuring your learning and growth never have to stop for as long as you’re a member. Please be aware that if you leave the membership for any reason, you will no longer have access to any of the content or resources.

“How is the content delivered? Is it all online?”

Yes, all content is online and accessible through your member’s dashboard. You can watch videos, join live sessions, and engage with other content from the comfort of your home, stable, or on the go.

"What kind of rider is the Crack the Confidence Code Membership suitable for?"

The membership and community focus on mindset, confidence and personal development training and resources for all kinds of riders. What I teach can be applied to any rider in any situation; whether you’re a beginner or experienced rider, a happy hacker or competition rider, or a rider in any discipline, there are plenty of tips, tools, techniques and strategies that will help you become a more confident rider on your own terms.

“I have a very specific fear/problem. Will this programme help me?”

While the membership covers a wide array of common fears and problems riders face, it is crafted to help you adapt strategies to your specific situation. Moreover, our community and Q&A sessions provide additional support for your unique challenges. 

If you’re experiencing debilitating anxiety or are experiencing severe emotional responses associated with past experiences, then my 1-1 coaching packages might be your starting point, before joining the membership.