Confident Rider, Happy Horse

Become the most confident rider you can be… for yourself AND your horse!



Update old habits & programming and let go of nerves, anxiety and 'what ifs' around riding


Learn how to manage your mindset and take back control of how you think, feel and ride.



Feel excited about riding your horse, and enjoy building trust in each other.


Create a toolbox of psychological tools, techniques and strategies, that supercharge your confidence when riding, no matter what!


Bounce back stronger from life's challenges.


Discover the opportunities, possibilities and learning in every experience, so you can become the best rider you can be for your horse.


Make real progress and achieve your equestrian goals and dreams.


Take action towards those things which are most important to you, and celebrate every achievement along the way.

“What if I fall off?

“What if he bucks?”

“What if I lose control?”

“What if I look like an idiot?”

I get it, I really do! Your mind is so full of this never-ending loop of anxiety and fear, and you don’t know how to stop it.

And you can when you know how. 

There are many simple & effective strategies that you can use to overcome your anxiety and ‘what ifs’ about riding. 

In my exclusive FREE guide, I’ll show you 19 different tips and tools to help you overcome your anxiety & overthinking when riding.

Simply click on the button below to get your copy right now! 

What difference will it make when you get past those nerves, anxieties and ‘what ifs’ around riding? 

What will you now be able to do? How will you feel? How much will you enjoy and actually look forward to riding your horse?

So many riders struggle with a lack of confidence, feeling overwhelming self-doubt and believing they’re ‘not good enough’ in some way. If this sounds familiar, then I promise you with 100% certainty that you’re not alone!

Whether you’re an experienced rider struggling with competition nerves, someone who’s returning to riding after time away, or you’re facing challenges in specific situations, then I want you to know that it’s entirely possible for you to experience riding differently. 

With the right support, training and guidance, you can find your way to feeling in control (of yourself AND your horse!), trust your decisions, let go of old patterns and habits, and to rediscover all the joy, fulfilment and pride that lives on the other side of your mindset blocks. 

My name is Alison Buttery and I’m obsessed with helping riders just like you, overcome their nerves, anxiety and fear so that they can fall back in love with riding their horse again.

  • Perhaps you’re a rider who is nervous about hacking out.
  • Maybe cantering or jumping is your nemesis.
  • Alternatively, you might be desperate to step up a level and be competitive.
  • You might have a new horse and feel a bit like a fish out of water.
  • Or it could be that simply being able to put your foot in the stirrup to mount has felt like a step too far.

Whatever your situation, I know that when you get the foundations in place and follow my proven step-by-step process, you can unpick those mindset blocks and discover your riding confidence. 

So, if you’re struggling with nerves, anxiety or fear around any part of your riding, check out the links below to find out how you can start your journey to becoming a calm, confident and positive rider…

Crack the Confidence Code Membership


Do you want to (finally) overcome your mindset gremlins and lack of confidence around riding?


Would you benefit from being part of the most amazing community of like-minded riders, all supporting each other through thick and thin?


Are you ready to follow a proven, step-by-step process to create the most confident version of you, for the long term?

Then look no further!

The Crack the Confidence Code Membership is an online community for riders who strive for confidence, resilience and actually feel excited about riding their horse.

Becoming part of the community is just like having a teeny tiny confidence coach in your pocket, that enables you to take back control of what happens in your mind and body when riding. 

You’ll get all the training, guidance, and support you’ll ever need to become the most confident rider you can be… for yourself AND your horse.

Here’s an overview of what’s included:


The Ultimate Rider Confidence Course – created by an expert (that’s me!), where you’ll learn to apply the foundational principles of becoming a confident rider to your specific situation.


Member-only, live Q&A sessions – pick my brains and get tailored advice and guidance with your mindset and confidence challenges.


All Access Pass – dive into the whole back catalogue of rider confidence resources, including Masterclasses, Hypnotherapy audio tracks, Challenges, Workbooks and recordings of live sessions. 


Brand New Training – each month, you’ll get exclusive targeted training and resources to help you overcome specific challenges, which means that you get to make real, practical changes to your riding and mindset.

1-1 Coaching


Do you want individual support, tailored to your specific situation, so that you can grow your riding confidence?


Have you had a riding accident or experience which has left you feeling traumatised and has stopped you from riding or competing?


Are you struggling with anxiety or self-doubt around riding, which is now affecting other areas of your life too?

You can make a decision to do something about how you feel, and we can work together to find a way past your mindset blocks, limiting beliefs and fears, so that you can rediscover your purpose, self-belief and joy in life. Whether you want a single session or ongoing support, I have a coaching package that can help you transform how you feel.

I was basically at my wit’s end trying to deal with my nerves with jumping. I recently bought a new horse and just felt like my heart was going to escape my chest with the nerves and butterflies. My previous horse used to stop and a combination of him doing that my confidence got less and less. I google searched and found Alison. Well, boy let me tell you I’m so glad, lucky that I found her when I did.
So I booked in for a Zoom call with Alison and we’ll let’s just say she works magical wonders as today we jumped and it was fantastic. I woke up this morning and didn’t want to be sick. I drove to the yard and wasn’t feeling faint. I wasn’t thinking of an excuse to cancel. My instructor was coming but didn’t know I wanted to jump. I looked all the jumps out beforehand. No nerves no being sick. No heart pounding. Jumped and had so much fun and could not stop grinning and squealing at how fantastic this was again. So I would 110% recommend Alison for any doubts, or fears you may have. As once you get your mojo back you never want that feeling to end. X
Leigh Tough

I highly recommend Alison’s private sessions.  I had a very serious accident, which of course resulted in very significant fear post-recovery.  I was very frustrated about how paralyzed I felt and I did not want to quit the sport I love or give up on my horse.   I somehow found Alison’s program.  Alison’s unique qualifications make her the ideal person to work with.  She is absolutely devoted to helping you overcome your concerns, hesitations, and fears.  She is a great listener and very skilled to help you change your mindset.  The added benefit is her profession as an equine coach – she really gets you, where other sports psychologists may not. I took her advice to heart and continue to use the skills she taught me.  The other thing I love is that I can check back in with her if I need a boost. Don’t hesitate. Book a session.
Linda, K.

Confident Rider, Happy Horse





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