Hey, I’m Alison

I specialise in Mindset, Confidence and Performance for horse riders. My work helps riders to overcome their mindset blocks, nerves, anxiety and fear around riding, so they can (re)discover their riding confidence, resilience and positivity, without feeling overwhelmed!

If you’d like to know a bit more about who I am, what I do and why I do it, keep scrolling…

What else you need to know

Just like you, I live and breathe horses, so I truly understand all the time, money, work and energy involved in being an owner and rider. I know exactly what horses mean to us, and how challenging the inevitable rollercoaster of having horses in our lives can be, from the amazing and incredible highs to the lowest of the lows. I get just how overwhelming it can be sometimes.

As a rider and owner, as an Equestrian Coach, and as a certified Mindset & Confidence Coach, I have worked hard (and still do!) to overcome the mindset challenges, accidents, incidents and falls that can hold us hostage and stop us from truly enjoying what we love with our horses. I get just how challenging it can be to own and ride horses alongside a family, work commitments and, well, the rest of life life too!

That’s why I absolutely love supporting riders just like you, to create their riding confidence on their own terms, so that they can strengthen their relationship with their horse, learn to trust each other (and themselves), and achieve their equestrian goals and dreams (whatever they might be).

My Values

I am passionate about helping all riders to become the most confident riders they can be, so they can take back control of how they believe, think and feel. 

My core values are family, honesty, kindness, openness to learning and giving 100%. My priorities are always horse welfare and an ethical, correct training approach to working with both horses and riders. These values are rooted in both my personal and professional life, and it’s so important that the people I work with feel the same!

My Story

I’ve owned and ridden horses years, competing in British Showjumping with occasional adventures with British Dressage and British Eventing.

I became fascinated by how what happens in our mind affects riding, triggered by my own years of falls and mishaps (more than I can even begin to remember!) leading to wavering confidence levels. So, I began to study mindset and confidence techniques which would help me overcome my own mindset gremlins and confidence crises.

This all led me to develop my business as an Equestrian Mindset and Confidence Coach, where I have helped hundreds of riders from around the world, overcome their challenges and achieve their equestrian goals.

I believe that any rider can become more confident… if they want to be! When a rider makes a decision to figure out a way forward, has an open mind and wants to let go of those old nerves and anxieties, I believe that it’s entirely possible for them to come back stronger, to become the most confident and best rider they can be. 


British Horse Society Accredited Professional Coach (BHSII – Stage 4)


10 years as Senior Lecturer in Equine Science (and a qualified teacher!)


British Equestrian National Development Programme for Coaching Excellence (2019-2021)


Certified Mindset & Confidence Coach and Hypnotherapist


More than 20 years experience of working in the equestrian industry


Regular author of mindset & confidence articles for Horse & Rider Magazine


Horse owner & rider, passionate about becoming the best I can be

Who I love working with

I love working with riders who are ready to make a change, to let go of their nerves, anxiety and fear, and to chase their biggest hopes and dreams.

I work collaboratively with riders who want to follow a proven process for building confidence and resilience around riding (which incidentally, also has a massive impact on the rest of their lives too). I genuinely get goosebumps when I hear from riders in my community, sharing that they have experienced those awesome lightbulb moments when they overcome their challenges and do ‘the thing’ that they’ve always dreamed of doing (It’s always emotional).

One of my community even came up with #forgottobescared!

That’s why I do what I do; for those incredible moments when riders are able to find joy and fulfilment in doing more of what they love with their horse and achieving their goals, whether that’s hacking out on their own, cantering in an open field, galloping along the beach or competing with confidence.

“Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become”

James Clear