Stop beating yourself up!

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That voice inside your head, yes the one that tells you that you’re not good enough? Its lying to you. 

That voice that asks you ‘why can’t you just do it?’. It’s lying to you. 

That voice that watches other riders and says ‘You’ll never be able to ride like that’. It’s lying to you 

That voice that tells you those people stood by the arena are saying to each other how badly you’re riding? It’s lying to you 

That voice that says ‘you should be able to do this by now’. It’s lying to you 

That voice that asks ‘why are you so useless?’. It’s lying to you 

That voice that tells you that you’re letting your horse down? It’s lying to you 

That voice that asks why you’re even bothering to ride, when you can’t do it? It’s lying to you 

That voice that asks why can’t you do this? You used to be able to do it! You’re rubbish!’ It’s lying to you 

That voice that says you don’t deserve this horse? It’s lying to you 

That voice that looks at other riders and tells you that you’re the worst rider & shouldn’t be there? It’s lying to you 

You’ve got to learn how to ignore that voice. It’s not telling you the truth.  

The truth is that you can do anything you want, you just have to make a decision to put the work in, be patient, determined, and positive, and not compare your step number 5 with someone else’s step number 670. 

We’re all doing our best. Just because you can’t do something well right now, just means that you’re not ready to do it brilliantly yet. 

We never know what other riders are thinking and feeling. We never know what they’ve gone through to get to this point.  

We’re all on our own journey, and need to stay focussed on having fun with our horses and friends, and making steady, incremental progress.  

Train your inner voice to be your biggest fan, and then (and only then) can you start listening to it!! 

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